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Clear principles

The attractiveness of an organ building workshop is based not only on craftsmanship and artistic competence, but on the lively interaction of people with their respective abilities. We are convinced of that. We therefore see ourselves as a large community that can only be successful together, and in which everyone needs - and values - each other.


That is why we treat each other with respect, stand up for each other, solve conflicts through dialogue, and can openly address suggestions and criticism. As a company, honesty, openness, justice and transparency, sustainability and environmental protection are important criteria, with which we align ourselves.

What we think
Clear principles

Diverse professions

Specialists from many different professions work hand-in-hand in our workshops: from organ building, carpentry and cabinet making, metal and smithery work. We have engineers, voicers, architects, designers, musicians and administrative staff working together. All of these fields of work are intertwined and complement each other.


It is therefore natural for us to learn from each other every day, to remain curious and to develop an understanding for the activities of others. If you share this view, you have the best qualifications to support Rieger organ building with your skills. We are constantly looking for new employees in