History Time-Laps

1st Generation

Franz Rieger (1812 – 1885)


1845 Opus 1 in the Castle Church near Jägerndorf
1852Inclusion in the commerce and trades address book

2nd Generation

Otto Rieger (1847 – 1903)
Gustav Rieger (1848 – 1919)


1873“Franz Rieger & Sons” (New opus enumeration)
1873Gold medal at the Viennese World Exhibition
1879“Rieger Brothers”
1879Occupation of new workshops
1879Building of employee apartments
1879Institution of staff health and accident insurance
1896Appointment as supplier to the royal and imperial court
1900 Own electric light for the employee apartments

3rd Generation

Otto Rieger (1880 – 1920)


1903Succession as director of the firm
1914 - 1918First World War
1920Untimely death of Otto

4th Generation

Josef von Glatter-Götz (1880 – 1948)


till 1918Lieutenant-General in the General Staff of the Imperial Army
1918General Manager of the firm
1920Given power of attorney by Otto’s widow
1924Purchase of the firm by J von Glatter-Götz
1938 1945Second World War, building of ammunition boxes
1945Expulsion following the Beneš Decrees


5th Generation

Egon Glatter- Götz (1911 – 1940)
Josef Glatter-Götz (1914 – 1989)


1946 “Rieger Orgelbau”: new beginning in Schwarzach/Voralberg
1950 World Exhibition in Chicago; 1st export to the USA Vanguard role in international organ building, new markets
1972Occupation of new work premises


6th Generation

Caspar Glatter- Götz (*1945)
Raimund Glatter- Götz (*1948 – †2013)
Christoph Glatter- Götz (*1951)

1968 - 1993Workshop management by Caspar Glatter- Götz
since 1977Design work by Raimund Glatter- Götz
1977 - 2003Managing directorship of Christoph Glatter- Götz
1984"Rieger-Orgelbau GmbH"
1989Conferment of the state emblem of the Austrian Republic


7th Generation

Wendelin Eberle (*1963)

2003Succession as managing director and partner

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